Africa Basketball Coaches Enhancement Program

Testimonial from a 2013 ABCE Camp Participant (press 'play' button to start)

Testimonial from a 2014 ABCE Camp Participant (press 'play' button to start)

What and Why

Radarhoops International will be offering its Africa Basketball Coaches Enhancement (ABCE) program during the Fall of 2017 (October through November). RHI will be sending some young African coaches to the United States for approximately one month to study how NCAA Division 1 college basketball coaches prepare their teams for the season.

The purpose of the Africa Basketball Coaches Enhancement program is to improve basketball coaching in Africa. RHI believes that the ABCE program will enrich the basketball knowledge and improve the overall skills of the participants. The development of basketball starts with coaches being able to teach kids the right way to play. RHI thinks enhancing coaching knowledge and skill is the key to upgrading the game of basketball on the continent.

RHI has been involved in running basketball camps and coaching clinics all over Africa since 2002. Having coaches go to the United States through the ABCE program is the next step in the development of basketball in Africa.

Skills to be taught at the ABCE Camp (click each tab to view information)

  • Offensive Coaching
  • Defensive Coaching
  • Scouting Techniques
  • Speed, Agility and Conditioning
  • Terminology
  • Offensive continuity
  • Systems
  • Specific set Plays vs Zone and Man defenses
  • Set out of bounds plays (SOB and EOB)
  • Diagramming techniques to enable coaches to diagram plays
  • Personal development techniques
  • Training strategies to develop players’ individual offensive skills: passing, dribbling and shooting
  • General understanding of Man and Zone defenses
  • Defending the Pick and Roll (P&R)
  • Defensive footwork
  • On ball defense
  • Help side defense
  • Off ball defense and rebounding
  • Video break down
  • Game day preparations
  • Bench management
  • Use of Timeouts and Substitutions
  • Individualized weight and conditioning programs
  • Weekly, monthly and yearly conditioning programs

Understanding of basic play terminology including: dribble weave, Iverson cut, jump switch, wide back screen, wall, contact show, high hands, offset box, cross screen, pin down, wide pin down, flair, double away, x-out, hard drive, pick & pop, stunt, transition layup, transition 3, sideline break, side baseline, lifted ball screen, crack down, drag action, side bGroupGrall screen, shrink, baseline runner, elbow entry - back door, dho, 15 step up, post screen - high low, horns, box triple -picks, UCLA, floppy, 15 - , circles, single doubles, 2 guard front, flat out, end-line out-of-bounds play, blest the ball screen, green it, flipping the screen, twist d ball screen, stick & lift, and more.  

Who and How

In preparation for the ABCE program, RHI will be accepting applications from potential participants. The applications, and all required supporting documentation, will be carefully reviewed by RHI and used to make the decision for selecting ABCE program participants. RHI will be examining all presented documents for legitimacy and accuracy, as well as reviewing the overall experience of the coaches. After this review process, the selection of participants will be made. Selected participants will be assigned to a college, two to each participating campus.

Following the selection process, the colleges will send documentation to the participants inviting them to come on campus for the duration of one month. Participants will be responsible for acquiring a United States visa, using the documentation sent to them by the various colleges involved with this program. RHI will make sure that participants get all the documentation needed to complete the visa application process. Though RHI cannot promise that visas will be automatically issued, it will do whatever it can to assist the applicant

Those selected for the ABCE program must pay a participation fee of $1000 (USD) to Radarhoops International (specific details regarding this fee will be sent to participants upon their acceptance to the program). In addition to the $1000 (USD) fee, selected participants will be responsible for all expenses associated with the ABCE program including, but not limited to: visa processing fees, return plane tickets, accommodations (hotel/dorm room on campus) and food. RHI will not be responsible for any of the expenses listed above. RHI strongly suggests that potential participants seek sponsorship from the organization they work for. But, it is also acceptable if a participant raises the needed money outside of a sponsoring organization.

At the end of the program, the colleges/universities will issue a certificate of program completion to participants.

Colleges Participating in the ABCE program

Loyola Marymount University, University of Connecticut, University of Pittsburgh, Florida State University, Georgetown University, George Mason University, George Washington University, Saint John’s University, DePaul University, University of Florida, University of South Florida, University of Cincinnati, University of Akron, Ohio State University, University of Ohio, Memphis University, Georgia Tech, Indiana University, University of Alabama, Wake Forest University, University of Miami, University of Washington, University of Maryland, Providence University, Stanford University, University of Tennessee, Wichita State University, University of Texas, University of Kentucky, Virginia Commonwealth University, Florida Golf Coast, Long Beach State, Seton Hall University.

I'm Interested. What Do I Do Now?

Note: all applicants must pay a nonrefundable application fee of $200 (USD) when they submit the application.

Below is a link to the ABCE Application. Applicants must fill out the application form completely. Note: all fields marked with an asterisk (*) on the form must be completed. Make sure that the information you supply matches your passport information.

When the form is complete, clicking the CONTINUE button will take you to a review page. On this review page make sure that all of the information provided is accurate and up to date. Radarhoops International will be using this information to screen potential participants. Any fraudulent or inaccurate information will automatically disqualify the applicant.

Clicking on the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the review page takes you to the Radahoops PayPal page where you will need to pay the nonrefundable $200 (USD) application fee. You may need to set up a PayPal account to make this payment. If you do not complete this step of the initial application process, your application will be rejected. If PayPal discovers that anyone uses a fraudulent credit card for payment, that person will be banned from participating in the ABCE program.

Schedule for Application Process

Date Process
May 15, 2016 Radarhoops begins accepting and reviewing applications for the Selection Pool.
June 30, 2016 Final date to submit application for Selection Pool.
July 1, 2016 Applicants notified via email of acceptance or rejection for the ABCE Program. A college will be assigned to each accepted applicant immediately. Travel documents will be sent directly from the college via FedEx. Accepted applicants will have approximately four months to complete all necessary travel documents and to obtain a United States Visitor Visa. Proper and timely communication between each applicant and Radarhoops International is necessary to ensure a smooth process.
September 15, 2016 Program participant fee of $1200 must be paid in full. Any applicant who has not paid the fee by this date will be dropped from the program.
October 1, 2016 ABCE Program begins at the participating colleges and universities. Participants should plan on arriving a few days prior to this date to become acclimated to the campus.
November 1, 2016 ABCE Program ends.
November 2, 2016 All participants will be expected to begin returning to their respective countries.

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