RadarHoops International Mission and Purpose


Radarhoops International (RHI) travels the globe to find, profile and evaluate top international basketball players, bringing them to the attention of leading American high school and college coaches, as well as NBA general managers. RHI concentrates primarily on Africa and parts of Europe but has its "eyes and ears" on international talent around the globe.

In addition, RHI assists qualified African students in securing athletic scholarships at high schools and/or colleges in the United States. RHI operates several annual basketball camps in different African countries, identifying elite student athletes with the capacity to excel in top U.S. basketball programs. RHI assists these student athletes with the sometimes difficult and rigorous process of acquiring transcripts and visas while meeting the unique recruiting challenges associated with entering academic institutions away from their home countries. These camps not only benefit individual students but collectively improve basketball development on the African continent.



Earning a college degree in the United States is an exceptionally prestigious and honorable venture, particularly to a foreign student. An athletic scholarship, combined with a chance to earn a college degree from an American University, is a precious and life-changing opportunity for students who could not attend leading academic institutions without this support.


There are many talented young basketball players in Africa, and around the globe, who don't get an opportunity to be seen by coaches in the United States. Reasons for this are myriad: lack of funding, lack of opportunity and lack of resources. RHI provides an avenue of exposure for these deserving elite student athletes, benefiting the players as well as the recruiting institutions.

What We Do

RHI Camps and RadarHoops.com

At our website-RadarHoops.com-we offer information about players that come into "our sights" via camps operated by RHI. RHI actively seeks out and recruits international players to participate in these sponsored camps. Participants are offered an opportunity to workout with staff members and guest trainers and coaches and to display their skills for professional evaluation. In-depth player profiles, based on camp observations, are offered through RHI subsciption services. Non-subscribers can view general profiles of these players.


We periodically travel to games and tournaments in many different countries, seeking and evaluating talent. We aggressively scout our specific target areas (Africa and parts of Europe) to ensure that we are profiling the best talent available for our subscribers.

Value Added Services

We have spent years cultivating global relationships with local coaches, scouts, basketball officials, government contacts and individual players. These long-term relationships open new avenues for finding top basketball talent, allowing us to deliver the most current and precise player profiles to our subscribers. We also assist with immigration services for prospects including passport, visa and travel information.